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Modest and Devoted Designs was born of a mother's and daughter's desire to obtain, promote, provide and share access to clothing that we believe is fashionable, comfortable and fitting of a woman professing Godliness.

We are glad that you are here! Modest and Devoted Designs is women owned small business. Proprietrixes Stephanie and Abby Smith coordinate business from home with the support and help of our husband/father and son/brother. The men behind the scenes make our pop-up events much more convenient and doable. 

As a brand new, startup business, it is our plan and prayer to create a resource for maxi length dresses and maxi length skirts in a variety of styles and designs including denim jean skirts; cotton, knit and poly options that can be dressy or casual in both skirts and dresses. We will soon offer a selection of modest and stylish tops ranging from dressy blouses that are suitable for church or any other dress-up occasion to everyday, casual tops. We look forward to introducing a line of our own curated t-shirts! Our t-shirts are still in the design phase but we hope to have these available soon. We have our very own brand and we are excited to share these designs with you! These will be marketed under our very own trademarked brand, "Pea Ridge Precious". 

Another part of our business is home decor. We are building a beautiful line of unique as well as handmade and curated items to "clothe" your home. Our very first business venture included a selection of very well received handcrafted Christmas ornaments. We also craft chunky candle holders, blanket ladders, and are working on a selection of wood trays. We will be adding these items and more to our collection.

We have big plans for expansion beyond women's and girl's fashions!! We can't release the brand name yet, but we have a selection of men's t-shirts in the works also! These shirts will offer a variety of themes including professional, hunting, slightly sarcastic and patriotic, just to name a few. I can tell you this: They will be oh so Debonaire!!

Please pray for us as we continue to search for the best and most affordable clothing options. We desire, first and foremost, to be in the PERFECT WILL OF GOD. We desire His wisdom to guide us as we carefully navigate this journey.


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